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•    Creating value via the supply chain
•    Benefits of using web technologies in supply chain management
•    Materials tracking technologies
•    Ultimate consumer orientation
•    Building and maintaining trust


What did I learn that was new to me?
- I was learning about supply chain management.


•    Purchasing activities
•    Logistics activities
•    Support activities
•    Government
•    Electronic data interchange (EDI)
•    Value-added networks (VANS)


What did I learn that was new to me?
- I was learn about how e commerce business to business strategies.

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Test 2: CHAPTER 5, 6

Test 2: CHAPTER 5, 6

Q1: Define "direct materials" and "indirect materials". List reasons for a large company having two separate departments to manage the purchasing of each.

 Direct Materials
The materials required for producing a product are called direct materials. Direct materials are also known as raw materials or input materials. Direct raw materials constitute the main component or part of a finished product. It is identified in terms of cost per unit of output. Wood for furniture industry, sugarcane for sugar mills. Textile for garment industry is some of the examples of direct materials. Other example, the steel included in an automobile, the fabric used to assemble clothing.

Indirect Materials
The materials that can not be form as the main part of a finished product are called indirect materials. Therefore, such materials can not be easily identified with the product. Nails used in furniture industry and threads used in garment industry are some example of indirect materials.
Examples of indirect materials are:
·         Rags and solvents used during the construction of a house
·         The grease used on machines that manufacture products
·         The thread used in clothing

Q2: In about 200 words, describe the reasons a buyer might have for wanting to participate in an industry consortium marketplace instead of setting up its own private company marketplace.

Industry consortium of other words it is also known by the word of a partnership. Means of partnership is the relationship existing between two or more persons who join to carry on a trade or business. Each person contributes money, property, labor, or skill, and expects to share in the profit and losses of the business.
The partner enters into a partnership agreement and start business. The partnership enjoys a better credit rating in the eyes of creditors. As the liability of each partner in the organization is unlimited, the financial institution can safely advance loan to the firms. Partnership can bring more capital o the business by the joint efforts of the partners. The partnership is normally in strong position to raise capital and expand the business. The profits of a registered firm, after payment of super tax, are divided among the partners. They pay tax to the government on their shares to profit. The partnership can also be legally dissolved without much difficult by mutual consent of the partners or in accordance with a contract by the partners.

The one of the basic defect of the partnership is that the partners are personally and together responsible for all the debts of the firm. The duration of the partnership is always uncertain. If any partner die, injured, withdraws, sells his interest or a new partner is admitted into the business, the partnership comes to end. In partnership the misuse of the resources is raised by the partners. In case of any dispute among the partners, a delay may take place in decision-making process. This an cause loss to the firm

Q3: Which industries were the first to establish standard RFID technology? In about 100 words, state why, in your opinion, these industries were more interested in RFID tag technology than other industries

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wireless, using radio waves. It's grouped under the broad category of automatic identification technologies. RFID is in use all around us. RFID data can be read through the human body, clothing and non-metallic materials

The first industry to establish RFID was used over sixty years ago by Britain to identify aircraft in World War II and was part of the refinement of radar. It was during the 1960s that RFID was first considered as a solution for the commercial world. These industries use it for security use, tracking, detecting distant objects and determining their position, track weather formations, wind speed etc.

RFID Business Benefits
Use of RFID technology can increase business productivity.
Ø  Improved Productivity and Cost Avoidance.
Ø  Decreased Cycle Time and Taking Costs Out.
Ø  Reduced Rework.
Ø  Reduced Business Risk & Control of Assets.
Ø  Improved Security and Service.
Ø  Improved Utilization of Resources.
Ø  Increased Revenues.
Ø  Exception Management.

Security and Access Control
RFID has long been used as an electronic key to control who has access to office buildings or areas within office buildings. The first access control systems used low-frequency RFID tags. Recently, vendors have introduced 13.56 MHz systems that offer longer read range. The advantage of RFID is it is convenient (an employee can hold up a badge to unlock a door, rather than looking for a key or swiping a magnetic stripe card) and because there is no contact between the card and reader, there is less wear and tear, and therefore less maintenance.

As RFID technology evolves and becomes less expensive and more robust, it's likely that companies and RFID vendors will develop many new applications to solve common and unique business problems

Awareness of RFID technology and the benefits it delivers is increasing across the industry. By playing a key role in developing the infrastructure required for RFID, Microsoft is contributing to the momentum of mass deployment. The fully-integrated Microsoft architecture for RFID embraces a vision for increased operational efficiency and reduced costs. Our RFID Council is also contributing to the development of the technology by helping organizations track items more effectively.

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What did I learn that was new to me?
Learn about eBusiness is the first time I mempelajari.belajar to create my own blogs

What insights did this new knowledge give to me?
Give me ideas for bisnees in Internets

did it help me see something in a new light?

did it help me understand something that I didn’t understand before?
Yes, because I can understand about the bisness the Internet quickly and save time


How did I feel about what was done?
I feel confident and increase my knowledge
Did it affect me emotionally and if so how?
Yes, as useful for my future

What did I find difficult or challenging to do or understand and why?
when I do not understand what I have learned and taught to me

eMarketing Strategies

I learn 6 eMarketing Strategies, such as

·  Product-based marketing strategies
·  Customer-based marketing strategies
·  Market segmentation
·  Customer behaviour
·  Acquisition, conversion and retention of customers
·  Customer relationship management (CRM)

Lecture 4 - Advertising and Brand Management
Monday 30 April 2012 and I learn about Advertised and Brand Management in the E business class.
Topics I learn that was new to me?
Ø Banner adverts

Ø Other forms of web advertising

Ø Email marketing

Ø Creating and maintaining brands

Ø Search engine positioning and domain names

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Question 4&5

Question 4:
In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish.

The design of a customer centric Web site is very important as it will be a key success for any organizations in order to well answer and understand what does your users really need, what does he want to accomplish when he interact with your web site. Also it will help the organization to know why the user came to visit your site. In fact, the design of the website will be one the first details that the user will be confronted with. The better the organization will catch the user's attention the better it will be to keep the user's loyalty.

Besides, the dedign of a customer centric web site is very helpful for any organization in order to precisely focus on the customer’s desirer such as:
-evaluate the business and the product
–clearly select a product and make a transaction.
–providing your user some help when a transaction is being process. For that the organization has to establish and ask the right questions at the right time and to the right person.
–organizations has to provide some regular feedback (some positive as well as negative's one)
–to stay informed so as to be aware of any updated product or other ancillary products or services to enhance their customer experience.

It is quite difficult for any organization to accomplish an accurate design for their web site which has to correspond exactly to their user's desire as:
-first, all customers have different will, desires and objectives when coming to a web site
-secondly, organization needs to be able to browse in a targeted way. Understanding about the product or service before making a decision
-the third point which is hard to accomplish comes when the purchase or a decision is being proceed, it will requires a lot of details, shipping process, the availability of the product in stock, if it is a gift then a separate address will be needed, does the vendor is reliable or not, and finally and a very important point is does the customer feel secured about the while transaction process?
-also, when the question of help have to be well measured as the customer really rely on that aspect before, during and after. For that the organization will have either to provide a real person or a database. The organization will have to forecast the customers' preferences.
-finally, customers will expect feedback from your organizations, this will require some
specifics and deep research and understanding of the users which are not easy to describe either because it is virtual but also because collecting a huge and different amount of customers' opinion is really hard , and could even be imprecise.

Question 5:
Promoting products on the Web is different from using mass media promotion or personal contact. Assume that you want to explain these differences to a person who is planning to open a Web site that will sell fishing-rod. Write one paragraph about each approach (mass media, personal contact, the Web). In each paragraph, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the approach for the fishing rod Web business.

A website is a collection of web pages (documents that are access through the Internet), such as the one you're look at now. A web page is what you see on the screen when you type in a web address, click on a link, or put a query in a search engine. A web page can contain any type of information, and can take in text, shade, graphics, cartoon and noise.
When someone gives you their web address, it usually takes you to their website's home page, which be supposed to introduce you to what that site offers in terms of in order or other services. From the home page, you can click on links to reach other sections of the site. A website can consist of one page, or of tens of thousands of pages, depending on what the site owner is trying to achieve.

Websites can get better business to customer relations in more conduct than just by means of communication, hold up and up to date general in order. A website can also tell a user of their project’s position, account information or balance. The convenience of a website helps increase output, presentation and rate. Producing a consistent product or completing a particular service in less time than projected always makes a customer content. It takes months to increase a good customer, but seconds to lose one, and it is hard to lose a content customer.

It may be not easy for researchers to position, especially if there are many similar sites. Because it is not “published” or authorized by a reputable source, the site may be unnoticed as inaccurate. The information on the site may not be reliable. Information may be interpret incorrectly or used inappropriately. A connection to the web is needed to access the information, which will be impossible if a computer and connection is not obtainable. It may be difficult to reach your target audience. Because the writer is not present when others are retrieving information there is no opportunity to ask questions or have things explains in greater detail etc. The site may go down or the computer may fall down. Site may be difficult to use if experience with the internet is limited.

The mass media can have a reflective result on instruction. It has the power to change opinions of schools and colleges in one headline. If the media declare an education policy a sham, or praises it, their word is straight away taken as the truth. This is a growing problem globally, because people believe the media, no matter what they say and this means that it has considerable power to scaremonger, and makes the public believe propaganda that may not be true.

Advantages of mass media in education:
The mass media is a great tool in grade and inspect schools and universities. For example, tables such as the good university guide give a reliable top 100 university, and supply all the facts and figures to help you hope a university or school that suits your wants. It is also useful in performance success in schools and universities, by approving those who get the best results out of their students. Through the mass media, they then become more fashionable through their achievement.

Disadvantages of mass media in education:
It can publicity up troubles with education and has a propensity to over information the bad things without looking in great point at the good. An example of this is the new disaster over tuition fees in British universities. Most are now charging £9000 per year, even though at first the media said, only the top few would be able to charge this amount. As soon as it was announce, the media straight away up to date us all how much we had been betrayed by the government and how thousands of young people would now not be able to afford to go to university. The media cruel the image because it made universities look like they were charging unfair prices when it was up to the government all along how much they charged

Personal Contact
Promote products on the web is different from using personal contact. Promoting products using personal contact is the one way to do, we just have to know the person.  We can just contact and call them in a straight line for asking to concentrate a product biracial contact number or email address. For example we promote a fishing rod to our friend. But sometimes not all people will come because some of them are busy or not plan to coming